Tradie's Care Pack
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Tradie's Care Pack

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For all hardworking people including gardeners, mechanics, construction workers, hospitality staff, the all-rounder who gets things done, the list goes on...
This Tradie's Self Care Pack is full of useful natural products to keep guys cleaner and safer!

Lemon Myrtle features as an ingredient in this pack of goodies and is known for its powerful antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, which are even superior to those found in the well known tea tree oil.  The Lemon Myrtle used is grown in sunny Queensland, so you'll be supporting small Aussie family businesses with your purchase.

If you are gifting this pack we can ship directly to the recipient with your personal message. Please just message us after purchase with exact details.

Presented in a Gift box & contains:

1 x 500 ml bottle of Man Hands Exfoliating Liquid Soap:
Made with natural products and with Lemon Myrtle leaf acting as an exfoliant, Man Hands is an easy and excellent way to rid your hands of hard to remove mediums and materials such as plaster, dirt, paint and even grease!
The possibilities are endless with this beauty!

1 x T-rash Organic Powder for chaffing:  
This powder is specifically tailored to tradesmen and other people who experience chafing/rashes and need something to sooth the ache to get through the rest of the day comfortably.
A 100% natural and organic product with Lemon Myrtle's powerful  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, that not only helps sooth irritated skin, but helps keep away any bad bacteria that can lead to infection.
Packaging is made of recycled cardboard and is Australian made.

1 x 50 ml Personal Hand Sanitiser Spray:
This beautiful natural Personal Sanitiser Spray is perfect for hands or most surfaces.
A convenient size bottle perfect for throwing into a bag or keep in the car. It fights off germs with the power of essential oils, making the perfect moisturising sanitiser without the drying effect of some alcohol sanitisers

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