The Ultimate Care Package
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The Ultimate Care Package

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The Ultimate Care Package is a luxurious collection that is certain to help someone feel extra special, appreciated & spoilt.

Perfect gifting and the ultimate in a care package, which includes the following:

1 x Essential Oil Roller 10 ml (either Love, Sleep or Bliss)

A variety of healing crystal and essential oil blend combinations, in an easy to use roller with real 24K gold flakes. Natural, Vegan & made in Australia the Love, Sleep or Bliss rollers are a joy to awaken your senses and provide natural enhancing benefits.

1 x Crystal Candle (either Amethyst or Rose Quartz) comes in a Pink Velvet Drawstring  Bag

  • Contains a hand picked Amethyst OR Rose Quartz crystal that you get to keep
  • Scented with Palo Santo essential oil
  • Approx. 48 hours burning time
  • 100% pure soy wax, each candle hand poured in Melbourne
  • 85mm diameter x 100mm height 

Embedded on the top surface of this candle is either an Amethyst or Rose Quartz crystal that has been handpicked.
Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience.
Rose Quartz goes by the name of the Love Stone because it sends off strong vibrations of love, happiness, warmth, and emotional health. It possesses energy related to the heart chakra.
The rich woody aroma of the Palo Santo essential oil will evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity, cleansing the mood and raising spirits.

The candle comes in its own Pink Velvet Bag along with Information Card.

1 x Eye Pillow - Lavender - Quality Australian made 

Awaken the senses with this beautiful lavender scented eye pillow. Gentle on the delicate eye area, it is a quick fix for tired or puffy eyes or just perfect for meditation or relaxing at the end of a long day... It can be heated easily in the microwave for added benefits.
The scent of the organic lavender helps to promote relaxation and provides a sleep inducing effect. The calming lavender scent works on the nervous system to help calm us down, to de-stress and it’s also really great for helping you get to sleep at night.

1 x Gourmet Salted Caramel Fudge 100 gm - so delicious, a taste sensation to sweeten your day. 

These all Australian items are beautifully presented in a gift box.

FREE shipping Australia Wide - the perfect gift to show someone you care and
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