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Fishing Gift Pack

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Presented in a Gift Box - this Aussie Fishing / Fisherman's Pack contains the following all natural and Australian made quality products:

1 x 500 ml Fish Fingers Deodorising Liquid Soap:
We know first hand how hard it is to get the fishy smell off your hands after a good day of fishing. This perfect product, rids your hands of the smell and also strips grease, grime, dirt and odour leaving your skin clean and fresh.
Fish Fingers liquid soap is made with 100% natural ingredients and has ground Lemon Myrtle acting as an exfoliant to really make sure your hands are clean and smelling as fresh as citrus. Industrial strength and deodorising. 

1 x bar of Boat Soap: Rosemary, Lime and Hemp Fragrant Soap.
This Boat Soap is an excellent way to clean your hands.
With the relaxing properties of Hemp and the focusing properties of Rosemary and Lime,  this is a perfect combination to promote feelings of focus and determination whilst relaxing you at the same time. Made from Aussie home grown rosemary leaves, hemp seed and lime essential oils.

1 x 50 ml Hand Sanitiser Spray:
This beautifully natural spray fights off germs with the power of essential oils, making it the perfect moisturising sanitiser without the drying effect of some alcohol based sanitiser's. A handy size, perfect for the tackle box or pop into your pocket! Can be used on hands or most surfaces.

1 x 25 ml tub of Itch Eeze:
This cream is kind to skin and helps sooth and heal all sorts of insect bites, including sand flies, mosquitoes, horseflies or ants. Stop the itching the natural way with Itch Eeze made using a unique blend of Australian Native plants.

1 x Fishing Lure
Because if you love fishing - you can never have too many lures. 

 If you are gifting this pack we can ship directly to the recipient with your personal message. Please just message us after purchase with exact details.